Monitoring, Detection and More

October 06, 2016
Jay Heath

Now…you all have a Watchdog in this hunt! Watchdog Services was originally designed for Bail Agents as extra insurance when bonding people from jail. One never knows the real intent of another when faced with possible time behind bars – enter Watchdog. Bail Agents have successfully used our Watchdog service for years now. It has saved our customers millions in surety bond claims. Watchdog is a national service and anyone 18 years or older can be added. Here is how the original concept works:

  • Add the name and any other personally identifiable information you have on your subject, like SSN, DOB, or DL number to Watchdog within IRBfocus.
  • If the subject skips prior to their hearing, naturally the bail agent goes on the hunt for the subject to bring them to justice using skip tracing techniques.
  • Most subjects violate the law again. If taken to a county jail for processing and booked, the bail agent receives Watchdog notification once the processing is completed.
  • It’s always in the bail agent’s best interest to validate the notification with the county jail by a phone call, prior to expediting a resource for pickup. There is a chance that the person booked used a fake ID, DOB, or SSN.

So how can other customers who are not bail agents benefit from the original service of Watchdog? Here are a few examples for private investigators or customers in other industries:

  • Corporations that have substance abuse programs or drug-free workplaces – adding someone to Watchdog helps monitor after-hour activities, and strengthens the company’s policies.
  • Executives or top-tier leadership can have a negative impact on a company if found out to be involved in questionable– identifying and handling the problem within the company can prevent embarrassment and lost revenue.
  • Professional Athletes and Coaching Staff – how often have we read breaking news from media outlets concerning the ill behavior of well-known coaches or their celebrity players? If the organization could control the message from the beginning, and not the media outlet, perhaps the outcome would be better for some.
  • College Students – when children finally leave the nest and go to college, especially out of state, we often have little insight on their social activities. As a private investigator that works family law, this is an opportunity to be a hero if that son or daughter happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Each of the examples above offers a potential new source of revenue. Watchdog is an inexpensive insurance benefit for your clients. Best of all, it only costs a dollar per watch per month, and $10.00 per bona fide hit. You also control how long they stay on Watchdog. All this and much more can be found in IRBfocus.