The Best Business Data

February 09, 2017
Jay Heath

Get a complete view of businesses

Our business data reaches beyond just your Corporations or LLCs. We’ve been in the business longer than anyone. Because of our experience and expertise, we have been able to build up a massive repository of county/city data which gives you the sole proprietors and one-man-shops that other providers can’t.

Our Business Report makes it easy to uncover relevant information about businesses — and understand how they connect to people, assets, liens and judgments, and other details needed for sound decisions. You’re getting data you simply cannot get anywhere else.


  • Industry’s most robust data accesses more than 13,000 data sources—25% more businesses, including more small businesses and new businesses
  • Provides the most accurate view of the business or entity under review by avoiding under-linking or over-linking information
  • Vast data linkage yields more insight into the business’s details and associated entities
  • Our reports include data from Dun & Bradstreet, one of the most reputable business sources in the world.

Typically, when assessing the risk of businesses, every “answer” seems to lead to more questions. You think you’ve identified the registered agent, and then another name surfaces — attached to derogatory information. Or, the business happens to bear the same address as a firm that went bankrupt years ago.


  • Credit Risk Decisioning – Benefit from coverage of more businesses and know more about the people connected to the business – their risk indicators, assets and other business interests.
  • Compliance – Better assess money laundering risk by verifying the beneficial owners of a business and viewing their derogatory history.
  • Verification & Authentication – Achieve a higher “hit rate” when verifying business information. Protect business customers from identity theft through stronger authentication.
  • Supplier Management – Credential suppliers with greater confidence. Create thorough yet concise lists of companies for RFIs.
  • Collections – Locate debtors more easily and assess ability to pay more accurately through knowledge of the business owner’s assets and associates.
  • Transaction Due Diligence – Perform business due diligence and background research to evaluate potential risks before entering into new or substantial business transactions, contracts, litigation or relationships.

Businesses from the smallest LLC to the largest corporation are available for your research needs. Uncover information that helps your background checks. With more than 30 million firms in the United States, finding information about businesses can be daunting. Access searches within IRBfocus to find the details you need.


  • Business Search – Business results contain information about businesses and government agencies. Uncover business relationships, assets, and details that are not available to the general public.
  • Business Report – The comprehensive report on a business, run a Business Report to find all the details about a business entity.
  • Corporate Filing Search – Access corporate filings and gain information such as charter number, state of origin, record date, registered agent information, and more.
  • UCC Filing Search – UCC filings generally include documents such as financing statements, security instruments, and federal tax liens as well as other types of lien filings.
  • Motor Vehicle Search – Find motor vehicle records that detail owner, registrant, and lien holder information, as well as vehicle data. The Motor Vehicle search includes boats, trailers, RVs, and other assets registered with a specific state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.