NCISS – Legislative Alerts & News

August 15, 2016
Jay Heath


The most important function of NCISS is to monitor and direct federal legislation. But they also play an important role in acting as a conduit for state legislative information. Through joint efforts and other national and state associations of related industries, NCISS advocates keep a finger on bills which affect our professions.

Often, a law passed in a trend-setting state will be adopted almost verbatim by other states wishing to follow it. If an unfavorable law is enacted in one state, NCISS alerts other state associations who can take action to keep the problem from spreading. A number of important position papers have already been authored on key issues such as privacy, police moonlighting, reciprocity and use of private contractors over hiring more government employees.

NCISS officers and members are frequently called upon to testify at Congressional hearings giving our industry’s viewpoint. Hit The Hill – NCISS members from across the country join together in Washington to meet with their Senators, Representatives and staff so they can be informed about our concerns and viewpoints. Congress appreciates our input in assisting them with promulgating sound legislation and regulations.

As soon as their legislative committee and advocate see an issue of concern to the investigative and security professions, a special Legislative Alert is sent via email to all members and distributed through special networking within state associations, as well as nationally and internationally. In addition, their legislative advocate sends a monthly summary of legislation and regulations they are watching on behalf of NCISS members.

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